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Say Goodbye to Baldness with Effective Treatments for Hair Transplant in Patna at Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Hair transplantation is a very common cosmetic surgery these days. Not everyone welcomes old age. However, hair loss is a problem faced by people of every age. When it comes to getting the best treatment, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is one of the most trusted names in India. Only the best and most highly-trained surgeons carry out this surgery with the utmost care and responsibility. The cost for this treatment is extremely reasonable, and you can get it done without feeling a pinch. The transplant techniques used are the best, and you can undergo the surgery with confidence. The result is effective and you can see it for yourself. Well-known television personalities, sports stars, and film actors and actresses have obtained hair transplantation from Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and have referred others.

Hair loss or baldness is a problem that is faced by both men and women. It can be caused by many factors including heredity, consumption of unhealthy food, infections, etc. One of the major reasons is androgenic alopecia, which is hereditary. There are two treatment options for hair loss, one is surgery and the other is medication. There are only two types of medicines that can be used for hair fall treatment, i.e., Oral Finasteridetablets and Minoxidil lotion. But medicines are only for the initial stage, from stage one to four, and they need to be taken regularly. If the baldness is above stage four, to stage seven, then transplantation is required. The greatest benefit of this cosmetic surgery is that it provides a permanent solution. After getting it done, you do (space) not have to worry about its maintenance or any further investment. After the hair grows back, you can get the kind of hairstyle you want and flaunt the look you desire.

Hairfall treatment at Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic consists of hair transplantation, medication, mesotherapy and PRP treatment.

Hair Transplant India

Hair transplant atPlastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is done by using follicular unit transplantation (FUT) techniques and as per the case requirements, doctors also use the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. FUT is considered a very effective treatment all-round the world. FUE is used in special cases only. Hence, as per the condition of hair fall, the best kind of hair transplant technique is used for the treatment of your hair. The hair transplant procedure is done by giving local anesthesia to the patient. Strips of hair that contain hair follicles and hair are taken from the scalp. The length can vary according to the required follicles. The gap area is stitched, which after the tenth day is removed. To hide the scar and make hair grow from that area as well, a trichophytic closure is used. Post treatment, 3-6 months after, the scars cannot be identified. The strips are harvested and small gaps are made in the front portion of the scalp. The whole procedure takes 6-8 hours and the surgery team includes 8-10 people working simultaneously. You can visit the clinic to see this fantastic procedure for yourself.


Three to four weeks post treatment, the transplanted hair falls off. The hair starts growing after one month with a speed of 1 cm every month. Hence, to see proper results you have to wait for six months after which the hair that grows back is permanent. You can do anything with the re-grown hair including shampooing, conditioning, dying, styling, cutting or even shaving it off completely. For those who suffer from large patchy baldness, 3,500-5,000 follicles are transplanted in a single sitting of six to seven hours. If the baldness is larger, then a similar sitting is scheduled after 6 months. In case of thin hair, a transplant is done between the existing hair which results in a denser look. Some well-known personalities who have undergone hair transplantation at Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery clinic

Hair transplant

Hair transplant is one of the major accomplishments of science. India has shown significant advancement in almost all spheres of science and technology. And now the medical technology in India also offers Hair transplant in India has become widespread and more and more people getting this treatment done to get rid of massive hair loss and baldness at a relatively early age. Hair transplantation is a permanent solution to hair loss which involves moving hair to the anterior part of the scalp where they grow for multiple years.

Where to get it done ?

You can easily get a hair transplant surgery done in your own city. India now has efficient and advanced services available in all hair transplant clinics in most cities across the country where highly skilled and professional surgeons perform the transplantation. So, it’s easy to recover, pain free, discreet, affordable and ‘near to you’.

Why deal with the problems when you have easy solutions in your neighborhood ?

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has a group of Doctors, Surgeons and Trichologists who carry years of hands on experience with at least hundred surgery each to their kitty. The clinic also offers worry free services to its international clients like managing the accommodation and post-surgery consultation.

Pre-surgery Consultation

It is imperative to have confidence in your surgeon before you commence your Hair Transplant procedure. We have a very transparent system where the patient can talk freely about their concerns and queries related to Hair Transplant.



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